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The chagrin-inducing law of ‘everyone else is writing about it, so you might as well write about it, too’ prompts me to write the following one year later: yes, it’s true – Massachusetts still invented America. It’s still our fucking city. People are still in love with modern moonlight and 128 when it’s dark outside. And, no, we still won’t tell you what happened to the skinhead who got on the MBTA. We get dizzy on our own cow paths, ironically call Allston “The Glittering Jewel of The Massachusetts Student Riviera,” take in forty foot winter storms for fun, and then do our best to make up for it by presenting the riders rattling their way over the Salt and Pepper and the Charles with a heretofore behind-the-back bouquet called the Esplanade. Here, the city says. For you.

Here is the section of the road where your grandfather pulled over because Carlton Fisk had saved the day and he couldn’t believe it. Here is the creepy baby head lingering outside the MFA that has yet to blink. Here are the springtime trees amazingly clogging up Beacon Hill with a so-thick-you-can-touch-it smell. Here is Junot Diaz getting a cup of coffee at the corner of Charles Street, quietly taking in the Commons and Gardens, and then making his way back to MIT. Here is Fenway on a perfect summer day, which – despite the almost uniformly poor and obnoxious television coverage of the game, which really does deflate a kind of inner spiritual balloon – still exists and still feels vibrant. (Also: has that baby blinked yet?)

But I am skirting around the obvious. I am obviously skirting the obvious. There is a reason. For one – it felt as if – in a narrative sense, in a rhetorical sense – so many people were ready to rush in and remove the story of this awful event – to say, “It’s okay, and here’s why” (I saw tweets of citizens in Egypt immediately saying prayers as soon as they heard while I was kicking a stone pylon around the corner from the finish line in fury and frustration; I saw photos from Syria and Kabul expressing condolences and support; President Obama remarked at the memorial service that “we also come together today to reclaim that state of grace”; and Kevin Cullen said that “In Boston, we care about three things: politics, sports, and revenge, and the revenge will be the laughter of our children”) – that it’s hard to know what to do other than bow in every direction the compass points and the crow flies and say, “Thanks.”

Because watching people with a fairly okay sense of morality transform into eyebrow-raising cowards about the prospect of burying Tamerlan Tsarnaev wasn’t the point. It wasn’t about listening to Glenn Greenwald later dismissively say to Bill Moyers that – and I’m approximating here – ‘What happened in Boston wasn’t important. Let’s go back to talking about America bombing Afghanistan.’ (Nor was it apparently about zeroing in and being repeatedly clear about how Sayyid Qutb made a poor argument or how that argument has been further warped over the years.) It’s about the three people who were killed, the 264 who were injured, and the twenty-seven hospitals that treated them that day. It’s about letting Boston be Boston – not only for me, but for you, too. It’s about it being – despite it all – a nice day.

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This still gives me shivers. 

Hard to believe it’s been a year.

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what the citizens of boston lost that day one year ago, we’ll never get back. but what we gained, can never been taken away. the resilience, strength, humanity and pride that came from the terror on boylston street are something for which i’m thankful everyday. i may not live in boston anymore but i will always be #bostonproud #bostonstrong. 

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Breathtaking memorial on the side of the TD Garden for the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

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I made a thing

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Stefanie Rocknak

sculptures from a single piece of wood

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S T A R S  A N D  B U T T E R F L I E S- a collection of instrumental pieces from fantasy and period films for you to lose yourself in

"a princess should be built of stars and suns and forevers"

i. prologue-beauty and the beast (alan menken) | ii. the shire-the lord of the rings (howard shore) | iii. orchard house-little women (thomas newman) | iv. regina’s true love-once upon a time (mark isham) | v. henry meets anne boleyn-the tudors (trevor morris) | vi. lonely first night-harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone (john williams) | vii. a story to unfold (brunuhville) | viii. the meadow-new moon (alexandre desplat) | ix. once upon a december-anastasia (david newman) | x. jane’s escape-jane eyre (dario marianelli) | xi. danielle’s wings-ever after (george fenton) | xii. an historic love-the tudors (trevor morris) | xiii. kingdom dance-tangled (alan menken) | xiv. the seaside-emma (samuel sim) | xv. children arrive-finding neverland (jan a.p. kaczmarek) | xvi. portuguese love theme-love actually (craig armstrong) | xvii. winnie and the tucks-tuck everlasting (william ross) | xviii. fairytale-doctor zhivago (ludovico einaudi) | xix. lucrezia and paulo kiss-the borgias (trevor morris) | xx. northbound train-north & south (martin phipps) | xxi. love letters-atonement (dario marianelli) | xxii. the wardrobe-the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe (harry gregson-williams) | xxiii. main theme-the paradise (maurizio malagnini) | xxiv. maria’s room-the secret of moonacre (christian henson) | xxv. clara’s theme-doctor who (murray gold) | xxvi. cinderella-once upon a time (mark isham) | xxvii. gwen and arthur-merlin (rob lane & rohan stevenson) | xxviii. stars and butterflies-pride and prejudice (dario marianelli) | xxix. time for bed-anna karenina (dario marianelli) | xxx. end titles-the duchess (rachel portman)

{ l i s t e n }

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greenseva asked; regina mills or margaery tyrell [x]

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make me choose:

   asked Regina or Zelena

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My fight. Got it handled.

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After everything, I don’t think Snow imagined that she would ever see her again.

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Emma while Regina has to backtrack from Mom to Mayor. 

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Nobody believes you Madame Mayor

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regina mills in 3x17, “the jolly roger”

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