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"The last thing I want to see is the sky."

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Perhaps we should temporarily focus our murderous energies on AU Week and not homicide.

…are we gonna be bronzed?

 i hoped to awaken in a different canona better one (racethewind10)

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“You look radiant,” HG murmurs, and circles Myka for a predatory moment, eyes gleaming behind the mask she’s holding up in front of her face.

“Let’s hope I still look radiant after this stupid masquerade ball and two hours of trying not to let Pete flatten my feet when he insists on throwing me around the dance floor in an excuse for dancing,” Myka says breathlessly with a nervous laugh; she winces inwardly because she hadn’t reckoned on Helena turning up and she absolutely hadn’t reckoned on HG looking so positively…sinful.

“Let’s hope so,” HG drawls with a sly smile, “as I have plans for us after this thing is over.”

“I bet you do,” Myka’s laugh is deeper now, and she catches HG’s gaze: hungry and dark and intoxicating, “and do they include removing your mask?”

Helena smiles and it’s beautiful and sad all at the same time as she leans in and whispers against Myka’s ear, “Every last one of them, darling.”


They were eighteen, and forever.

The rising sun cast bright, new colors across the still sea, and two young women sat together on the shore, watching the sun rise for another mortal day.  One, fair of skin and dark of hair, with eyes filled with dark, unearthly wisdom, sat with her arms behind her and buried in the sand,  and at her side lay a golden and shining gift from the dearest of friends — the lightest and most intricately carved of swords and shields.  It bore the face of an owl and the grace of a goddess.

The same goddess, her hair wild and curly, sat beside her, leaned against a smooth rock, watching her cousin as he began his daily race across the sky.

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absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder,
scientists have finally proven.
all it does is make you that much more aware
of how many feet it takes to walk a mile.

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Angsty smut based off the spoilers for 4x01. Like no really. This is some Bering and Wells level angst. You’ve been warned. 

The office is cold and hushed, the shadows long and dark in the corners with night outside the windows pressing in. They’re alone in the room, alone in the building, maybe alone in the world for all the heavy silence around them. 

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// 4x01 screencaps 5/?

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always a villian, even when i’m not

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Regina Mills || Elsa

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Frozen || Once Upon a Time

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Whatever entity Regina ends up across from with her demand that villains get happy endings, I hope that entity points out that actually, all the villains in Storybrooke except for Regina have it pretty good: Rumplestiltskin got to marry his true love Belle. Robin Hood, a thief, has his Maid Marian back from the damn dead. Dr. Whale is the head of a thriving medical practice. Captain Hook ended up with the Savior, Emma. It’s really only the Wicked Witch, Cora, Maleficent, and Regina who are being held 100 percent accountable for their misdoings in this world. I wonder why that is.

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